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If you’re new to metal buildings, it may be easier to compare this unfamiliar subject to a more commonly understood concept like the Volkswagen car company. According to a recent USA Today article, VW is now the world’s most profitable automobile manufacturer and VW has done this in part by using one chassis for many different car models.

Similar to metal buildings, VW cars start out as similar prefab chassis and what eventually makes that standard frame a Volkswagen Jetta, Audi A4 or A6 is determined by the customizable options ultimately selected by the customer. This comparable design and manufacturing process ensures that your prefabricated steel building is cost-effective, time-efficient and easy to construct when it arrives at your job site.

Two Preliminary Design Factors Make All Prefab Metal Buildings Unique

When a company such as Custom Metal Solutions designs your steel building, the project consultant takes two unique preliminary factors into consideration before providing you with a base building price. Some projects may require more diligence, but in general, the two following factors are all that’s needed in order to deliver a timely and accurate quote.

(1) Intended Use:

As we discussed above, the standard building features shown below make each of the following three buildings similar. However, because each building is designed for a specific end-use, the building takes on its own unique characteristics.

Example 1

Prefab Metal Auto Shop Building Primary Framing Finished

This prefab building became an auto shop with a professional lobby area to accommodate customers and employees.

Example 2

Prefab Metal Office Building Showing Primary Framing Finished

The girts added to this building support the stucco tile exterior walls, transforming the finished prefab building.

Example 3

Prefab Steel Aircraft Building Showing Finished Primary Framing

Prefab hangar buildings start like any other metal building, once the bi-fold door is added it can accommodate airplanes.

(2) Locational Engineering:

Whether you live in sunny California, snowy Alaska or somewhere in between, your metal building must be properly engineered for atmospheric conditions from the start to ensure it will last for generations. During the design phase, our expert designers will ensure that all operating efficiencies are considered and implemented into your building plan.

On the other hand, if the company you choose to work with does not have the experience to make sure your building will meet or exceed your local codes, your building and investment may fail due to a variety of environmental factors in your locale. Below are a few of the considerations we take into account when we supply a prefab metal building anywhere in the United States or abroad.

Unique Secondary Factors

When a steel building is fabricated at the plant, it is manufactured and pre-punched according to these two specific secondary design considerations.

(1) Aesthetics:

Whether your building needs to complement an existing structure, be HOA compliant or simply reflect your personal taste, there are several ways for a building to be aesthetically unique. You can select your own combination of roof, wall and trim colors or even change the roof pitch to create a unique elevation.

(2) Functionality:

Depending on whether your metal building will be used for your business or for private use, there are a multitude of accessories and components that can be pre-punched and supplied to make your building efficient as well as functional.

Personal Prefab Metal Building Designs

For example, this first building below was designed to be a personal workshop and home fitness area so the owner wanted several windows to gain natural light and cross ventilation.

Business Prefab Metal Building Designs

On the other hand, this second building is a warehouse designed to receive semi truck deliveries, so its owner simply asked for functional roll up doors to accommodate the trailers.

Other Common Customization Selections

Prefab metal buildings can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs and uses including the following:

  • Crane Systems
  • Roof Top Units
  • Windows
  • Walk Door
  • Mezzanines
  • Skylights
  • Gutters
  • Vapor Barrier

Other Reasons to Choose a Prefab Metal Building

When you purchase a building supplied by Custom Metal Solutions, your prefab metal building kit arrives with the component pieces you need to assemble your new building. You simply need to have your foundation or slab in place along with your anchor bolts. Some projects are DIY-friendly and others require a bit more experience, depending on the magnitude of your project. Either way, all projects bolt together, eliminating the need for complicated and time-consuming welding.

DIY Friendly

Many individuals who are looking for a new steel workshop or garage space choose a building size that is modest enough to be a do-it-yourself project.

DIY Friendly Prefab Steel Building

More Complex

This isn’t typically the case if you are constructing a new warehouse, as larger equipment is necessary to assemble the larger I-beams.

Complex Prefab Steel Building Project Requiring Heavy Equipment

There are numerous choices when you shop steel buildings. Find out why prefab metal buildings are unique & the best choice for your steel building project.

Metal building kits can be customized for any use with unique elevations, colors & accessories. Free same day prices available on all steel building kits. Our metal building kits are unique because the building system bolts together, and all of the welding is done at the factory prior to delivery. In fact, all of your framed openings for functional necessities such as windows, doors and even skylights are pre-punched before arriving at your jobsite. These details may seem minor, but these differentiators from other building systems significantly reduce construction costs and make many of our steel building kits do-it-yourself friendly, no matter the type of project.

Our metal building kits come as basic building packages that can be customized in both look and functionality. You do so by selecting various interior and exterior accessories to add to your base building package. This customization process is what takes an ordinary metal building shell and transforms it into a garage, shop or professional office space as seen in the example below.

Included Standard Features:

  • I-Beams
  • Secondary Framing
  • Wall Sheeting
  • Roof Panels
  • All bolts and screws (anchor bolts not included)

Source: GenSteel

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